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Live Communication, international exhibition stand design and stand construction projects!
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If two decades of brand communication has taught us anything, it’s that the greatest experiences are only possible with a spirit of true partnership. You understand your product or service and here at De Priester exhibition stand designers we understand brand and customer experience. Together we can turn your exhibitions and events into exciting and engaging customer sensations. Our passion for creating extraordinary, memorable and immersive 3D brand communication is evident in everything we do. We're open for any challenge you can throw at us. We build your dream!

Exhibition stand design & construction

We provide exhibition stand design and construction, realizing live communication concepts worldwide. From little to huge temporary, luxury spaces. We are committed to creative, strategic, and execution excellence.

Branding & communication

We look at your exhibition programme on a global scale, from initial strategy to post-event follow-ups. We deliver unforgettable, high-impact events that use your budget efficiently to give you maximum return on investment.  

The exhibition designer’s creative mind is flexible and adaptable and always prepared to rearrange his thinking. 

De Priester – Exhibition design and realisation philosophy

Creative flair in exhibition design, worldwide!

Creative flair in exhibition design and quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. Our dedicated consultants are happy to provide you with know-how and experience for your next live event. We act globally, we respect local marketing standards to communicate your product perfectly to prospects and clients on every continent.

Creative flair in exhibition Design

Extensive experience of stand design & creation of live communication projects worldwide. With a broad background in the fine art of brand communication, we’re definitely ready for the job!  

Creative consultancy

Creative, practical advice and consultancy that improves business performance. As objective minds we come up with solutions you wish you would have thought of first!

New media integration

We are on top of digital innovation. During the years we’ve gathered an impressive pack of experience in interaction design and produce apps that WOW your clients and visitors. We produce apps for post-event follow-up campaigns.


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Exhibition design cases

Our firm’s portfolio includes engineering and consulting services on signature designs. Exhibition design from little to big, temporary luxury spaces for 3D brand communication. We respect our client's exclusive co-ownership on the designs. So please, respect Pictoright Europe.

  • I can honestly state that De Priester is the most creative, honest, kind and strongly communicative professional I know.  

    Tonita Perea i Monsuwe-Recommended via LinkedIn
  • Always willing to go the extra mile in understanding and executing their client’s wishes. Thanks!

    Jax Teller via Facebook
  • Service and creativity is the absolute no 1 in this team, together with professionalism and style. An excellent combination!

    Mike Mayer via LinkedIn

This creative team is on a mission!

Exhibition designers and creative consultants at De Priester are exceptional people who offer a diverse range of skills. We create top-quality brand experiences across continents and across multiple business sectors. With as much commercial insight as creative flair, we will turn your events – everything from opulent hospitality to technically challenging trade shows – into irresistibly exciting and engaging brand experiences.

Just a regular day…

Each day we deliver unforgettable, high-impact events that use your budget efficiently to give you maximum return on investment. Every detail is designed to contribute towards the results you want and because we are working with you at a strategic level, we create a totally holistic experience both for you and your audience.

Exhibition Design and engineering
Creative consultancy and advisory
New media and art direction
Account management and budget control

Exhibition design De Priester

Exhibition design de Priester, open minds in an open house. Want to know more about how we could create you an engaging brand experience? Then contact us today, and we can discuss how experiential marketing could work for your brand. Don't hesitate and talk to us!